Amreeya Wide Range of Prodcuts

Amreeya offers a wide range of prodcuts for odur and worship purposes.

Some Information About Prodcuts

Incense sticks hold prime importance in religious activities, prayers, meditation and for concentration purposes.
The aroma produced upon burning incense sticks makes one feel calm and remarkably reduces stress.
Available in numerous floral, cosmetic, woody, oriental and fruity undertones, Amreeya agarbattis are specially created keeping in mind the needs and requirements of millions of satisfied users.
# Product Name Size Of Packing Image
1 Amreeya Black Gold 250 gm / 50 gm Amreeya Black Gold
2 Amreeya Leher 200 gm / 40 gm Amreeya Leher
3 Amreeya Nizam 250 gm / 50 gm Amreeya Nizam
4 Amreeya Venecia 200 gm / 40 gm Amreeya Venecia
5 Amreeya Sandal 250 gm / 50 gm Amreeya Sandal
6 Amreeya Oudh 200 gm / 40 gm Amreeya Oudh
7 Amreeya Chandan Box 20 gm Amreeya Chandan Box
8 Amreeya Lavender Box 20 gm Amreeya Lavender Box
9 Amreeya Musk Box 20 gm Amreeya Musk Box
10 Amreeya Namaskaar Design 20 gm Amreeya Namaskaar Design
11 Amreeya Rain Forest Box 20 gm Amreeya Rain Forest Box
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